What are the powers of each member of The Fantastic Four?

The Fantastic Four is a group of superheroes with unique and diverse powers. First up is Mister Fantastic, also known as Reed Richards, who possesses the power of elasticity. His body can stretch and contort to extreme lengths, allowing him to reach distant areas and manipulate objects with great agility. Then we have the Invisible Woman, Sue Storm, who can bend and manipulate lightwaves, becoming invisible to the naked eye. She can also create force fields, using them for defense or containment. The Human Torch, Johnny Storm, can generate and control fire, fly at incredible speeds, and project intense heat and flames. Lastly, there's the Thing, also known as Ben Grimm, who possesses superhuman strength and durability. His body is covered in rock-like skin, providing immense resistance to damage. Each member of the Fantastic Four brings their unique abilities to the team, making them a formidable force against supervillains and threats to humanity.
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