What are the differences between skeletal muscle and cardiac muscle?

Skeletal muscle and cardiac muscle are two types of muscle tissues found in the human body, and they differ in their structure, function, and location. Skeletal muscle is attached to the skeleton and allows for voluntary movements. It is striated in appearance, meaning it has a striped pattern, and is under conscious control. On the other hand, cardiac muscle, also known as myocardium, is a specialized type of muscle that makes up the walls of the heart. Unlike skeletal muscle, cardiac muscle is not under conscious control and is responsible for involuntary contractions to pump blood throughout the body. Cardiac muscle cells are connected by intercalated discs, allowing for coordinated contractions. Another key difference is that while skeletal muscle can regenerate and repair itself to some extent, cardiac muscle has limited regenerative capacity. Overall, these differences reflect the distinct roles and functions of these muscle types in the human body.
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