What tools and frameworks does Netflix use for microservices?

Netflix is known to be a pioneer in the microservices architecture, and they have developed a wide range of tools and frameworks to facilitate and manage their microservices ecosystem effectively. One of the key frameworks they employ is the Netflix OSS (Open Source Software) suite, which includes numerous tools such as Eureka, Zuul, Hystrix, and Ribbon. Eureka is a service registry and discovery server that enables services to locate each other dynamically, while Zuul acts as an edge service providing routing, filtering, and load balancing capabilities. Hystrix, on the other hand, offers fault tolerance and latency tolerance for handling distributed systems, and Ribbon provides client-side load balancing. These tools, along with others like Karyon, Archaius, and Atlas, enhance Netflix's ability to build, deploy, scale, and manage their microservices architecture effectively.
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