What strategies did the BORED APE YACHT CLUB use for NFT marketing?

The BORED APE YACHT CLUB utilized several effective strategies for marketing their NFTs. Firstly, they employed a community-driven approach by fostering a strong sense of belonging among their members. This was achieved through exclusive membership perks, such as access to private events and chat forums, which created a tight-knit community and added to the value of their NFTs. Additionally, they leveraged celebrity endorsements and collaborations to increase their visibility and desirability. By partnering with well-known figures and brands, they tapped into their existing fan bases and expanded their reach. Furthermore, scarcity played a crucial role in their marketing strategy. The limited supply of BORED APE NFTs created a sense of urgency, leading to increased demand. Overall, through community building, celebrity partnerships, and scarcity marketing, the BORED APE YACHT CLUB effectively promoted their NFTs.
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