What is the relationship between test, measurement, assessment, and evaluation?

The relationship between test, measurement, assessment, and evaluation can be seen as a progression of activities that are interrelated and build upon each other. Testing refers to the process of gathering information or data about individuals' knowledge, skills, or abilities in a specific domain. Measurement involves the use of carefully designed instruments or tools to quantify and assign numerical values to the attributes being measured. Assessment refers to the broader process of systematically collecting, analyzing, and interpreting multiple sources of information, including tests and measurements, to make informed judgments about individuals or educational programs. Evaluation, on the other hand, involves making judgments or assessments about the effectiveness, value, or quality of something, such as an educational program, based on a comprehensive analysis of assessment data and other relevant information. In summary, testing provides the data, measurement assigns numerical values, assessment analyzes and interprets the data, and evaluation makes overall judgments based on the assessment outcomes.
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