What is the formation process of comets and asteroids?

Comets and asteroids are remnants from the early stages of the solar system's formation, providing valuable insights into its history. Comets are composed of icy substances, mainly water, mixed with rocks and dust, while asteroids are predominantly rocky or metallic. The formation process of these celestial objects begins with the accumulation of cosmic dust and ice in a protoplanetary disk surrounding a young star. As these particles collide and stick together, they gradually form planetesimals, which are small bodies ranging from a few centimeters to a few kilometers in size. Through further collisions and aggregation, these planetesimals grow into asteroids or comets, depending on their composition and location within the solar system. Interactions with the giant planets' gravitational fields can then cause some of these objects to be ejected into the outer reaches of the system, forming comets, while others remain in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Overall, the formation process of comets and asteroids is a gradual and complex journey involving the aggregation of materials in the early solar system.
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