What are the weaknesses of the Building Act 2055 in Nepal?

The Building Act 2055 in Nepal, although a significant legislation governing construction practices and standards, has several weaknesses that hinder its effectiveness. One weakness lies in the lack of clarity and specificity in certain provisions of the act, which often leads to confusion and inconsistency in its enforcement. Additionally, there are gaps in the act's coverage, particularly concerning the regulation of informal settlements and retrofitting of existing buildings. Another weakness pertains to the inadequate effectiveness of the regulatory bodies responsible for implementing and monitoring compliance with the act's provisions. Insufficient resources and capacity hinder their ability to carry out regular inspections and enforce penalties for non-compliance. Furthermore, there is limited public awareness and understanding of the act, which undermines overall compliance and the promotion of safer construction practices. Addressing these weaknesses through amendments, capacity-building efforts, and awareness campaigns is crucial to improve the implementation and effectiveness of the Building Act 2055 in Nepal.
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