What are the steps to create a text NFT without any cost?

Creating a text NFT without any cost can be done by following a few simple steps. To begin, choose a text or written work that you wish to convert into an NFT. Next, select a suitable blockchain platform for creating and storing your NFT. Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain are among the popular choices. Register or create an account on the chosen platform and connect it with a compatible digital wallet. Create a new NFT project and supply the required metadata, including title, description, and any additional details you want to include. Upload the text or document file to the platform and specify the desired properties and attributes of your NFT. Once all the details are filled, mint the NFT, which essentially involves creating the unique token on the blockchain. After successful minting, your text NFT is ready to be shared, traded, or auctioned within the respective platform's ecosystem. Though the process may not incur additional monetary costs, it's important to consider any gas fees associated with the blockchain platform you choose.
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