What are the steps involved in developing a narrow or weak AI tool?

Developing a narrow or weak artificial intelligence (AI) tool involves several key steps. Firstly, the project starts with defining the specific problem or goal the tool aims to address. This entails gathering requirements and understanding the target audience. Next, the development team collects relevant data that is needed to train and fine-tune the AI model. It is crucial to ensure the data is of high-quality and representative of the problem domain. Afterward, the team proceeds with designing and training the AI model using suitable algorithms and techniques. This involves selecting appropriate input features, creating a model architecture, and training it using the collected data. The model is then tested and evaluated to measure its performance and identify any necessary improvements. Once the AI tool meets the desired level of accuracy, it can be deployed and integrated into the desired system or application for real-world usage. Continuous monitoring and maintenance are crucial to ensure the tool remains accurate and effective over time.
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