What are the signs of decadence in democracy?

Signs of decadence in democracy can manifest in various ways, indicating a deterioration of democratic principles and values. One such sign is increasing political polarization, where opposing sides become unwilling to engage in constructive dialogue or compromise. This can result in a gridlocked political system that fails to address critical issues and prioritize the interests of the people. Another sign is the erosion of democratic institutions and norms, such as attacks on the freedom of the press, limitations on civil liberties, or attempts to undermine checks and balances. Corruption and the concentration of power in a few hands also indicate democratic decadence, as it undermines the fairness and equality that democracy strives to uphold. Economic inequality, widening social divisions, and the apathy or disengagement of citizens from the political process are additional signs that democracy may be in decline. Recognizing and addressing these signs is crucial to revitalizing democracy and safeguarding democratic ideals.
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