What are the most powerful OP powers in fiction?

In the vast landscape of fiction, there exists a wide range of overpowering abilities that have captivated the imagination of readers and viewers alike. Among the most formidable OP powers is reality manipulation, allowing characters to reshape the very fabric of existence to their will. Time manipulation comes in close second, enabling individuals to control the flow of time, either by slowing it down to a crawl or jumping through different points in history. Telekinesis, the ability to move objects with one's mind, has also been a cherished OP power, granting characters unparalleled control and strength. Additionally, invincibility and immortality frequently feature as highly potent abilities, rendering characters impervious to harm and affording them an everlasting existence. These powers, among others, have established themselves as the most powerful and captivating OP abilities in the realm of fiction.
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