What are the major themes in Oliver Twist?

One of the major themes in Charles Dickens' novel "Oliver Twist" is the pervasive presence of poverty and its impact on the characters' lives. Throughout the story, the characters, especially Oliver, are constantly subjected to the harsh realities of poverty, including hunger, exploitation, and abuse. Another significant theme is the abuse of power, particularly by the corrupt and villainous characters such as Fagin and Bill Sikes, who exploit and manipulate the innocent Oliver for their own gains. Additionally, Dickens explores the theme of social injustice and inequality, highlighting the stark contrast between the wealthy and the destitute, while criticizing the rigid class system that perpetuates poverty and leads to the mistreatment of the underprivileged. Finally, the theme of redemption and the power of goodness are prevalent, as Oliver's innate kindness and innocence eventually lead to his salvation and the exposure of the villains' crimes. Overall, "Oliver Twist" sheds light on these themes, depicting the harsh realities of the Victorian era and advocating for social reform.
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