What are the long-term effects of adverse childhood experiences on the workplace?

Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) can have significant long-term effects on individuals, including their performance and well-being in the workplace. Those who have faced ACEs such as abuse, neglect, or household dysfunction often exhibit increased levels of stress, anxiety, and depression, which can impact their ability to handle work-related challenges. Survivors of ACEs may struggle with low self-esteem, trust issues, and difficulty forming healthy relationships, which can affect their interactions with colleagues and supervisors. These individuals may also face difficulties with effective communication, problem-solving, and decision-making, leading to compromised productivity and reduced job satisfaction. Furthermore, the long-lasting effects of ACEs may contribute to an increased risk of mental health disorders, substance abuse, and physical health problems, all of which can further impact an individual's performance and overall success in the workplace. Businesses and organizations must understand and support individuals who have experienced ACEs, providing necessary resources, therapies, and a supportive work environment to help them overcome these challenges and thrive in their professional lives.
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How do adverse childhood experiences affect workplace performance?

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How do adverse childhood experiences affect job performance?