What are the key Greek words in John 2:1-12?

In John 2:1-12, there are several key Greek words that contribute to the overall message of the passage. One such word is "kai," which is translated as "and" and is used multiple times to connect different elements of the narrative. Another important word is "skēnē," meaning "tent" or "tabernacle," which is used metaphorically to describe the body of Jesus as a dwelling place for God. "Oinops," translated as "well-aged" or "good," is used to describe the wine that Jesus miraculously turns water into, emphasizing its quality. Additionally, the word "gnōrizō" is used to describe the revelation of Jesus' glory, indicating the significance of his miraculous signs in revealing his divine identity. These key Greek words help to convey the narrative of Jesus' first public miracle and highlight significant theological themes within the passage.
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