What are the important provisions of IPC,1860 related to Offences affecting human body?

The Indian Penal Code,1860 establishes provisions related to Offences affecting human body. Section 299 defines culpable homicide that includes causing death by rash or negligent act, causing death by act done with the intention of causing death or with the knowledge that such act is likely to cause death, and causing death while committing an offense punishable with death or imprisonment for life. Section 300 examines the circumstances that make a culpable homicide rising to the rank of murder. Section 304 delineates the punishment for culpable homicide not amounting to murder. In terms of hurt and grievous hurt, Sections 319-326 establish the degree of punishment for different forms of injuries caused to others. The section also defines various types of injury, ranging from simple offences to more severe and lethal assaults on the body.
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