What are the different components of the mind-body system in Swasthya?

In the Swasthya philosophy, the mind-body system consists of several interconnected components that work together to achieve overall well-being. These components include the physical body, which is seen as a manifestation of energy channels or nadis that are vital for the flow of prana or life force. The mind, which encompasses thoughts, emotions, and consciousness, is another crucial component. Swasthya also acknowledges the presence of a subtle body or energetic field, including chakras or energy centers and pranic layers, that influences the overall balance and vitality of the individual. Additionally, the mind-body system in Swasthya recognizes the influence of external factors such as the environment, lifestyle, and interactions with others, as they all contribute to the holistic health and harmony of an individual. By understanding and nurturing these different components, Swasthya aims to support a state of optimal well-being and inner transformation.
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