What are the components of Tony Stark's repulsor technology?

Tony Stark's repulsor technology, showcased in the Iron Man suit, consists of various integral components that make it a groundbreaking and formidable power source. At its core lies the Arc Reactor, a miniature clean-energy generator that powers the suit and the repulsor beams. This highly efficient and portable power source allows Stark to create and direct intense beams of energy, providing a wide range of offensive and defensive capabilities. Integrated with the Arc Reactor are repulsor units, compact devices typically mounted on the gauntlets, boots, and chest of the suit. These repulsors generate controlled bursts of kinetic energy, enabling Stark to fly, repel objects, and deliver powerful punches. With his ingenious mechanical and electrical engineering skills, Stark ingeniously combines these components to create a technology that not only empowers his superhero persona but also revolutionizes the world of advanced weaponry and energy production.
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