What are the common traits between a dictator and cult leader mindset?

The mindset of a dictator and a cult leader often share several common traits. Firstly, both seek absolute control and dominance over their followers or subjects. They exhibit an authoritarian approach, demanding unquestioning loyalty and obedience. Secondly, they manipulate and exploit the vulnerabilities and fears of their followers, using sophisticated tactics of persuasion and manipulation to gain total psychological control. Additionally, both exhibit grandiose and narcissistic tendencies, believing themselves to be superior and infallible. They surround themselves with a cult of personality and suppress any dissenting opinions or criticisms. Lastly, both dictators and cult leaders foster a sense of isolation and dependency among their followers, creating an environment that discourages independent thinking or questioning of their authority. These shared traits enable them to maintain their power and indoctrinate their followers effectively.
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