What are some common characteristics of the subconscious?

The subconscious mind is a powerful and mysterious part of our consciousness, and it possesses several common characteristics. Firstly, the subconscious operates primarily in imagery and symbols, communicating its messages through dreams, intuition, and gut feelings. Secondly, it is highly influential, as it stores and processes a vast amount of information, emotions, and memories that shape our attitudes and behaviors. Thirdly, the subconscious is non-judgmental, meaning it accepts and absorbs everything we feed it without filtering or questioning their validity. Additionally, it is highly suggestible and can be influenced by external suggestions, hypnosis, or repetitive affirmations. Lastly, the subconscious tends to resist change due to its role in maintaining long-held beliefs and habits, often leading to self-sabotage or resistance to personal growth.
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