How to declare a JavaScript function?

To declare a JavaScript function, you begin with the keyword "function" followed by the name of the function. Inside the parentheses, you can add one or multiple parameters separated by commas. Then, the function body is enclosed in curly braces { }. Inside the body, you write the statements to be executed whenever the function is called. Finally, to call the function, you simply write its name followed by parentheses and, if needed, pass any arguments inside the parentheses. For example, function addNumbers(a, b) { return a + b; } console.log(addNumbers(2, 3)); // output: 5 This code declares a function called "addNumbers" that accepts two parameters, "a" and "b", and returns their sum. Then, it is called passing 2 and 3 as arguments, and the result is logged to the console.
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